First stop of organic fertilizer machine
First stop of organic fertilizer machine
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Organic feritlizer equipment
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Production technology for organic fertlizer
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Price of organic fertilizer machine
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organic fertilizer production line
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1. Process flow→Auto batching system→Crushing and mixing machine→Granulator→Dryer→Cooler→Screener→Coating machine→Packing machine→Manipulator stacking production line.
2. Process flow diagram

Layout of organic fertilizer machine

3. Introduction of auto organic fertilizer production line

1.Mimic board is designed for organic fertilizer production line. Beidou’s unique mimic board is your best choice for the visit of customer and leader, which can simulate the whole production line on it.
Mimic board is controlled by computer and operated automatically, which is for environmental organic fertilizer machine. You can control the whole production line by using the mimic board, enabling you to realize the running circumstance of the whole line, moreover, it can be monitored remotely. It features high automation, good effect of environmental protection, accurate dosing, perfect granulation and precise pacing, which is preferred by most of customers.

2. auto batching system
Auto batching is required in the acceptance standard of compound fertilizer machine. This device adopts 6 auto batching scales produced by Beidou company which is controlled by computer. Raw materials as N,P,K, additives and microelements are dosed by belt scale according to the formula which is input into the computer. Each material moves to the belt conveyor uniformly, the process of which has the function of premixing and ensures the precision of formula, as well as makes continuous production come true. The inlet orifice of feeding hoper parallels the ground so that work efficiency is enhanced.

3. Crusher for compound fertilizer
The crusher acts both as breaking materials and second mixing. This machine adopts horizontal type crusher which both crushes bulk granules to enhance granularity and blends the materials for a second time.

4. Granulator
The granulation method is very important in organic fertilizer production. The main methods of granulation are disc granulation, rotary drum granulation, extrusion granulation, etc. and each of them has different advantages and disadvantages. The extrusion granulation suits for such production lines of less than 20000 tons per year as chicken farm and pig farm, etc.

5. Dryer, dryer for organic fertilizer.
In spite fertilizer has been shaped into granule after granulation, the content of water and intensity are not up to standard, so being dried is essential. Rotary drying machine is a rotary drum full of trough plates. The material is fully raised by trough plates in order to have heat exchange with the hot wind produced by drying oven, then the temperature of material is elevated and water in it quickly spreads outside, which is taken away by wind to get dried and intense material.

6. cooling machine, cooling machine for organic fertilizer
The material that has been dried is conveyed to cooling machine by belt conveyor. Rotary cooling machine is a rotary drum full of trough plates, in which the granules are raised by the trough plates in rotating drum to have a heat exchange with the cold air in drum, in order to make it as cool as the normal air so as to further enhance granularity and reduce water content.

7. screening machine
Some powdery material still exists after cooling, the screening machine is used for separating powder and larger granule. Powder is conveyed back to blending machine by returning belt conveyor and mixed with raw material for re-granulation, and larger granule is crushed and then conveyed to blending machine by the same conveyor as the powder. This process forms a whole production circulation. Then the end product-to-be goes to coating process.

8.Coating machine
The complete equipment of coating machine is composed of agitator tank, oil pump and main engine. This machine is able to prevent the surface of organic fertilizer from salt bridge effect and moisture by applying a uniform protective film to the outside of fertilizer, making the granule smoother. According to requirement, some special designs are made in the inside structure of the coating machine, which is an effective machine smoothing fertilizer.

9. packing scale, packing for organic fertilizer
DCS-50 fertilizer packing scale is a new generation of intellectual packing scale researched and developed by Beidou company. Steel frame structure is used and material-touching place is made of stainless steel, independent suspension sensor is adopted for weighing. Three feeding speeds of “fast, medium, slow”are available with screw feeding structure. Advanced digital frequency conversion technique, sampling technique of handling, anti-interference technique are adopted, realizing error-automatic compensation and revise. It is suitable for quantitative packing for granule of compound fertilizer.

10. Automatic stacking production line by manipulator
Auto packing production line for compound fertilizer---auto stacking unit----stacker crane by manipulator is a professionally automatic equipment of moving and stacking instead of labor force, it is controlled by advanced computer integration.

Stacker crane by manipulator of production line for compound fertilizer is a professionally automatic equipment of moving and stacking instead of labor force. Manipulator stacker crane is the first generation of industrial robot controlled by advanced computer integration. The manipulator stacker crane manufactured by Beidou company can work up to 1000 times per hour. Its operation is easy that you only need to confirm the catching point and ending point, the track of which is totally controlled by computer and moves in linear motion with accurate positioning. Manipulator stacker crane dramatically increases the production efficiency and yield and meanwhile reduces the mistakes by people carrying. The manipulator has high cost performance whose price is only 1/3 of exported ones; This stacker crane, capable of working round-the-clock instead of much manual work, saves more than tens of thousands of dollars to downsize stuffs and improve efficiency! Manipulator stacker crane is adapt to the production of organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, BB fertilizer and chemical industries; it is also suitable for various of packings for products like organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, BB fertilizer, trickle irrigation fertilizer, etc.
Traits of manipulator stacker crane: 1. Higher capability than mechanical stacker crane or manpower; 2. Easy structure, low failure rate, easy maintenance; 3. Few constitutive components and parts, low maintenance expense; 4. Installed in narrow space and works normally. 5. Controlled on screen of controlling cabinet with easy operation.
1. One-layer flat layout is adopted in the technological process of the equipment to reduce the construction cost and the operation is very convenient.
2. Bucket elevator, beautiful shape and little floor space, though, is not used in conveying for it is easy to ruin granules, besides, it is easy to be blocked and hard to clean, as well as more failure rate and higher floor space. Belt conveyor and belt conveyor with big obliquity are chosen in this process, which not only ensures a smooth conveying and the protection of granules but also reduces the height of plant as well as construction investment.
3. Rotary drum granulation is used for its wide adaptability and big productivity, appearance quality is improved.
4. In accordance with customers requirements, one production line has been designed for producing organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, BB fertilizer and trickle irrigation fertilizer.
5. Annual output of Beidou compound fertilizer equipment by ammonia acid granulation
Granulation method
Raw materials
30000 tons/year
Rotary drum granulation
Small-sized Production line for compound fertilizer 
50000 tons/year
Rotary drum granulation
Compound fertilizer equipment
80000 tons/year
Rotary drum granulation
Compound fertilizer equipment
100000 tons/year
Rotary drum granulation
Production line for compound fertilizer 
150000 tons/year
Rotary drum granulation
Production line equipment for compound fertilizer 
200000 tons/year
Rotary drum granulation
Production line for compound fertilizer 
300000 tons/year
Rotary drum granulation
Production line for compound fertilizer 
6. Company profile
In 2004 Establishment of Beidou
In 2006,2007,2008,2009,2010, Beidou was awarded as “Trustworthy and Credible Enterprise
In 2006, we won the certificate of utility model patent named “Multiple material batching and blending system”
In 2007, we were identified as “High and New Tech Enterprise” by Science and Technology Department, and identified as “Trustworthy and Credible Enterprise in 2007” by Administrative Bureau For Industry and Commerce. In May, we were appraised as “Excellent Credit Enterprise ” by credit rating committee of medium and small enterprises.
In 2008,our company passed ISO9001-2000. In 2008, we were awarded as “Excellent Executive Director” by Quality Information Association of Hebei Province and Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision of Hebei Province, and awarded as “Trustworthy and Credible Enterprise” by Administration Bureau for Industry and Commerce of Qinhuangdao. Beidou was appraised as “Integrity Member Unit of Qualified Production Quality Test ” On February 23rd,Beidou Brand batching equipments were awarded as the promotion products of the third double communication conference in 2008. In August, Beidou achieved certificate of measurement qualification. In September, our company was awarded as “The Best Agricultural Material Enterprise of Serving Three Agriculture”. In October, appraised as “Well-known Brand Enterprise of Qinhuangdao” by Administration Bureau of Industry and Commerce. In October, we became the director unit of soil fertilizer association of Heilongjiang. In November, honored as “Top 100 Manufacturing Enterprise of Chinese Fertilizer Equipment” In December, our company was appraised as “Demonstration Enterprise of Technological Innovation in Medium and Small Enterprise of Hebei Province ” by Bureau of Medium and Small Enterprise of Hebei Province. In December, The multi-material auto batching packing machine produced by our company won the title of “Famous Brand of Medium and Small Enterprise” and “Trustworthy Quality Product of Medium and Small Enterprise”. In December, we were awarded as Superiority Forstering Unit of Intellectual Property
In 2010, Beidou was appraised as “ AAA Brand Enterprise of Trustworthy Quality of Hebei Province ” and In May, appraised as “Vice Chairman Unit” by Cooperation Alliance of National Fertilizer Machine Industry, and honored as “Famous Brand of China” in August.
In March,2011,Beidou was appraised as Supplier of National Trustworthy Quality, and appraised National Vanguard Unit of Supporting Agriculture in July 2011.
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